Together in MUsic

Together in Music

  • Numerous studies have shown the value of music, and this is particularly true for group sessions. Enjoying music together in a group allows participants to improve social skills, and at Diligent Hands Music Program, our group sessions are always an enjoyable experience. Serving adults and children with special needs, each session is the perfect way to build a variety of skills, fostering growth and community.

    If you’ve ever been to a live concert and experienced the indescribable feeling of enjoying music in a group of people, you can probably understand exactly what makes our group sessions the ideal way to develop social skills.

Customized to Meet Each Group’s Needs

Diligent Hands Music Program tailors each group session to suit the specific needs of the group members. In this way, a cohesive session is formed, allowing individuals to enjoy taking part in a community experience. Whether the group listens to music or creates it themselves, each experience is wholly unique.

Are you ready to take part in one of our group sessions? We’d love to have you! Contact Diligent Hands Music Program to learn more about our group sessions, to ask any questions you may have, or to sign up today.